Final tally confirms early winners in Anne Arundel election for Circuit Court judge and school board

More than a week after Maryland’s first mail-in election ended, the Anne Arundel County Board of Elections released its final count Friday night, confirming early results posted shortly after the polls closed on June 2.

In the race for county Circuit Court judge, the four sitting judges appointed by Gov. Larry Hogan finished at the top of both the Republican and Democratic primaries. The victory means there will be no election in November.


The results set up three elections for school board in districts 2, 3 and 6. The November election will complete the county’s transition from an appointed to an elected board.

Elizabeth Morris, the first African American woman appointed to the county Circuit Court bench, was the top winner in the Democratic primary with 55,214 votes, or 24.5%. She was followed by Pamela Alban with 22.8% of the vote, Richard Trunnell with 15.4% of the vote and Rob Thompson with 14.9%.


Thompson finished with 33,544, well ahead of the fifth-place candidate, Annette DeCesaris with 30,787.

In the Republican primary, Alban edged out Morris for the top spot, with 26,445 votes or 19.7%. Morris finished with 19.1%, followed by Thompson with 18.8% and Trunnel with 17.8% of votes cast.

Trunnel finished more than 4,000 votes ahead of former county state’s attorney Wes Adams, who got 19,221 in the Republican primary.

Voters were still in line hours after polls closed on election day, delaying the immediate release of the initial mail-in ballot and in-person results in the judicial race. Results from in-person voting and other mail-in ballots flowed in for the next 10 days, a result of the election conducted largely via mail for the first time in Maryland.

At least 3,597 people lined up at four voting centers June 2, standing in socially distanced lines — some that stretched long after polls were set to close at 8 p.m.

In the end, however, walk-in votes were not a deciding factor in either primary, with Morris getting the most with 1,203 in the Democratic primary.

None of the candidates could be reached for comments Friday night.

Circuit judges preside over civil and criminal matters. They referee murder trials and preside over plea agreements. They call balls and strikes in lawsuits, divorce cases and custody conflicts. These judges also sign search warrants and subpoenas for police detectives.

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After going through a vetting process by a nominating committee Alban, Morris, Thompson and Trunnel were appointed by Hogan to serve until the next election. They now will serve 15-year terms.

Adams, who lost his bid for re-election as state’s attorney in 2018 to the prosecutor he beat four years earlier, was the subject of a rare negative campaign. Led by Annapolis lobbyist Bruce Bereano, the campaign was funded by a PAC set up to question Adams’ integrity.

In the election for county Board of Education, Joanna Bache Tobin finished first in District 6, with 4,984 votes, or 28.8%. In November, she will face India L. Ochs, who came in second out of five candidates with 4,270 or 24.7%.

The District 3 contests featured three candidates. Corine Frank finished in first place with 7,416 votes or 48.0%. She will face Ken Baughman in November, who finished second with 4,595 votes or 29.7%.

Frank received 250 in-person votes in the election, the most of any school board candidate.

In District 2, both candidates will appear on the ballot in November, Robert A. Silkworth and Raleigh Turnage Jr. of Severn.


Election results are not official, however, until they are certified.