Black and white winner

Kevin Moore is the winner of the "Black and White" Sunshots theme with his photograph from the old Eastern State Penitentary in Philadelphia. Baltimore Sun photographer Algerina Perna critiques, "The vertical format emphasizes the high ceiling, hard surfaces, repetitive forms and lengthy narrow space. Shooting the lone figure in silhouette before she enters the light reinforces the somber character of this formidable structure and its former purpose. In the starkness of this haunting image, one can still imagine prisoners occupying the cells behind the doorways. Despite its dilapidated condition revealed especially by the peeling paint, Moore captures the beauty of this building highlighted by the soft light from above." The photo was shot with a Canon 40D DSLR at f10 with a 10-22mm lens, and ISO 800. Moore says,  "Closed for years, it is now open to visitors and is an amazing place to photograph with its crumbling architecture and peeling paint. I was shooting down one of the cell blocks…I liked the repetition of form and converging lines. I had to wait a little while but luckily someone walked into my frame for some added interest."

Kevin Moore / HANDOUT
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