I didn’t realize how beloved my congressman was nationally until he died and friends

from around the country sent condolences and praise my way simply because I am a


Baltimorean. Everyone could see his brilliance and decency. Looking back through the

Baltimore Sun archive, I realized I’d had the good fortune to photograph U.S. Rep. Elijah

Cummings more than two dozen times. Every time I had an assignment where he was to

deliver a speech, I knew I might be teary-eyed before he was finished. His face was as

expressive and kind and expansive as his soul. Chronologically, these photos range from an August 2019

appearance at the National Press Club to 2004, when he accompanied

some guy from Chicago with an unfamiliar name to a fundraiser, to 1996, when he ran for

Congress to replace Kweisi Mfume in the 7th District. It was a privilege to

document this extraordinary leader.