The Darkroom

Dan Rodricks captures Baltimore and beyond with his camera

I am in my 40th year of writing columns for the Sunpapers (Evening Sun and Sun) of Baltimore. Over that time, I've taken millions of notes, doodled dozens of sketches, and taken hundreds of photographs — more of the latter in the last 10 years. I spend a lot of time on foot, walking the streets of Baltimore and hiking trails along waterways in central and western Maryland. Ours is such a geographically and culturally diverse state and so many things catch my eye, from the wide vistas of the Chesapeake Bay to the unrelenting rivers of Garrett County to the peculiar side streets of my adopted hometown. In all these years of writing columns, I can say with confidence there's never been a dull moment, there's always a new story. I can say the same for my tours of Maryland -- never dull, always something to see, always a new story in the woods and on the water.

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