The Darkroom

Lighting with color

Last fall I was assigned to photograph Fortego, LLC, a small cyber security firm for our annual Top Workplaces awards. It was one of a dozen companies I was given to shoot, and the challenge is always to make each of them look different.

My first attempt at Fortego was to shoot their monthly employee meeting, which did not turn out to be as successful as I would have hoped. I left there not very satisfied with my options, but there was something that caught my eye.


I knew I had to go back and give it another shot.

2017 Top Workplaces feature Fortego which is a cybersecurity and software engineering company.

The office had a small conference room that had words and diagrams drawn on the glass walls. My plan for the re-shoot was to photograph the co-founders through the glass walls.

Chad Price (L) and Eric Rothenberger (R) are partners at Fortego which is one of the Baltimore Sun's Top Workplaces. Fortego is a cyber security company.

Magazine and some feature photography affords me more creative license, so I also decided to light the rear walls with some color.

I used four lights for the shoot, one light for each subject, one light for the red wall and one for the blue. The lights on the subjects were fitted with spot grids shaped like honeycombs that keep the path of the light very focused much like a spotlight.

The lights on the rear walls had colored gels over the top of them to create the colored light.

The final image ran as a full page in the magazine.

Chad Price (L) and Eric Rothenberger (R) are partners at Fortego, a cyber security company.