County to begin posting employee salaries online

Baltimore County government will begin posting the salaries of every county employee online beginning Friday, July 1.

The salaries will be listed on the county's website at, on the Human Resources page of the site.

In a statement about the decision to post the salaries, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said, "I am very pleased that our budget officials and staff members in the Office of Information Technology were able to complete this latest task as part of our ongoing effort to make government innovative, efficient and responsible."  

"People expect government to be open and forthcoming with information, and that is what we are doing in Baltimore County," Kamenetz said.

Meanwhile, on Thursday the Baltimore Sun published its own searchable database of county employee salaries, with data it said was released by the county.

The Sun's research shows that of the top 10 salaries for county employees, five are for county police positions, two are for county fire department posts and the other three are for the state's attorney, information technology and county administrative officer.

The list says that State's Attorney Scott Shellenberger nets a salary of $194,276 — though his total earnings place him at $213,993 — making him the top salary earner in the county, according to the Sun data.

County Police Chief James Johnson makes a salary of $204,750; Robert Stradling, the county's director of information technology, makes a salary of $198,900, and County Administrative Officer Fred Homan rounds out the top four with $190,000, according to the data posted by the Sun in advance of the county's July 1 release.

During his campaign for county executive, Kamenetz had said he would integrate more technology and open information in government.

Officials said the salary postings will aid that goal of increase transparency.

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