Rodgers Forge ES offers a fond farewell to Rainwater

The Rodgers Forge Elementary School family experienced pangs of sadness as Dr. Brenda Rainwater retired after 30 years in the Baltimore County Public School System — many of them at Rodgers Forge.

At Rodgers Forge, her skills as a special educator, then as a reading specialist, helped many a student, and her warmth and compassion endeared her not only to the students but to their parents and fellow teachers.


In lauding Rainwater, Susan Deise, principal at Rodgers Forge, said, "Brenda Rainwater exemplifies the professional educator at her best."

The St. Pius X community is thrilled with the results of its third annual Caddyshack Classic, which raised more that $5,000.


Monies raised from the golf tournament will assist the purchase of new interactive white boards for teachers and students.

Many people worked to make the day a success, and Greg Smith, Nikki Filling, Bill Karlson, Joe Clark, Tom Strassner, Chris Oswald and Rick McGarry spent long hours planning and organizing the event. Thank you all so much.

Fun was all over the glen behind the Rodgers Forge Elementary School on June 18 at the annual Rodgers Forge Picnic. The glen was alive with melodious music, courtesy of DJ Dan Hochrein (a 10-year Forger), delicious food catered by Wolford's, and happy chatter from the picnickers.

Board member Jay Dunn told us that there were lots of games, which seemed quite popular with the children. His wife, Pat, found a shady spot, where she could supervise the Boom Blaster.

"Lots of people work selflessly for the picnic — and one resident does so every year, just because he wants to," said Lawrence Swoboda.

"John DeVries has mowed the glen for years with a push mower, in the morning, and then leaves."

Lawrence, another board member, feels that DeVries' action is, indeed, love of community.

Todd Emmons and Joe Morales, of Cub Scout Pack 439, were on hand to provide information for families.

New neighbors Josephine and Stephen Lee moved here with their four children one week before the picnic — from Australia. Their youngest is seven months old.

"We just love it. The neighbors are so nice and everyone is so friendly." Stephen said happily.

Dan Hochrein introduced us to his "almost 9-year-old" son, Nathan and 5-year-old twins Zack and Alex, who were having a blast.

Toby and Howard Libit, who have lived here for a decade, introduced their 3-year-old, Maya and 5-year-old, Elliot, who will begin kindergarten in the fall.

Both said they were so happy to see so many children on their street.

Meredith and Kristoff Riep, four-year residents, find the Forge "a very nice place to live" and "enjoy the tot lot." Son Cullen, 3, certainly was enjoying the ice cream!

Indeed, as the afternoon warmed up, that ice cream, donated by Uncle Wiggley, definitely hit the spot. Board member Tyler Mays had a great time as he scooped out the flavors.

"This is a terrific event and I am always happy to be here" said Rodgers Forge's representative in Annapolis, Del. Steve Lafferty.

Face painting artists Morgan Morreale and friends Emily Lassinger and Averie Thomas created wonders with their skills.

Board member Carol Zielke and husband, Ron, 36-year residents of Rodgers Forge, said they continue to, "just love it." Said Carol, "We wanted to be here — the excellent schools, the outstanding community and the fact that it is near shopping.

"And my office," added Ron.

As Lawrence Swoboda mentioned, numerous people were involved in the picnic's execution. However, everything rests with the chair — the decisions, resolving last minute glitches, the sleepless nights, etc.

This year's chair, board member Janine Schofield, took all that in stride as she oversaw a super day.

As the mother of four, Janine — with baby Nicholas, 6 months, in tow — were everywhere, making sure that all went smoothly and calming troubled waters.

As she oversaw the picnic, Janine also kept her young family in sight and amused. Victoria, 7, Catherine, 5, and Alexander, 4, reported, "It was fun!"

Indeed it was. Thank you so much, Janine, for producing the perfect picnic.

Happy Fourth of July!

Till we meet again ...

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