Cockeysville teachers help school through STEM grants

Four Cockeysville Middle School teachers each recently received Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics grants from Northrop Grumman.

Jennifer Grim, eighth-grade science teacher, received a grant to purchase a hand-held data collection device to be used during science experiments.


Jennifer Youngblood, also an eighth-grade science teacher, received a grant for a weather station for the school.

Maria Hernandez, a sixth-grade science teacher, received a grant to purchase selected titles from the "Science Court" to help augment instruction.

And Jackie Mello, a seventh-grade special education teacher, received a grant to purchase a site license to use "Gizmos," an online interactive computer software program to augment science and math instruction.

Every year, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems, in recognition of National Engineers Week, offers more than 150 grants to support STEM programs in kindergarten to the 12th grade in schools.

Cockeysville teachers applied independently for a grant. Each have been awarded grants of $300 — and an anonymous parent has volunteered to match the grants to help the money go even further.

What a wonderful corporate and private partnership.

Warren Elementary School's Keyne Giesler won the Baltimore County Parent Volunteer Award for her work through the Community Outreach Team. She was chosen from applicants all across the county

She and her husband, Chris, have three children — two boys at Warren and one girl who will be attending starting next year. Keyne is active in her church, has her own flower business and also caters weddings and parties. Congratulations!

Warren also said good-bye to the following staff members: Principal Susan Eisenhart, as well as Assistant Principal Barbara Cernik, para-educator Sue Bristol and secretary Sue Webb.

Cernik is retiring at the end of this school year after 32 years of service to BCPS. Bristol is transferring to Cockeysville Middle. Best wishes to them in their future endeavors.

Recently, residents of the Topfield townhouse community recently honored a former board member for her service. Phyllis Erickson, has been a resident of Topfield for the past 35 years, and during that time has served as president, vice president secretary, pool chairperson and grounds chairperson four times.

In celebration of her contributions to the community a weeping cherry tree was planted in the court where Phyllis has resided for over three decades.

A plaque commemorating her volunteerism was placed in front of the tree as well. Many of the residents attended the event and were happy to join in the recognition of her hard work.

Padonia Elementary has announced that the following students competed in the Baltimore County STEM contest. Trinity Collier won first place for the fifth grade and Harsha Devaraconda won second place for the fourth grade.


Former Cockeysville neighborhood columnist and proud grandmother, Gloria Martino, wanted us to know of her granddaughter's graduation and talent show participation. Her granddaughter, Danielle Naumann, graduated from Cockeysville Middle School on June 8.

Danielle also participated in Cockeysville's "Lipstock 2012" on June 5, in which students perform lipsynch to popular songs. First place with an award of $300 went to Danielle, together with Kristin Meek and Nicole Mueller, singing the song "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls.

Second prize of $200 went to Hannah Milan, Nina Gayleard, Emily Shipley, Emme Toombs, Emma O'Grady and Mallory Svoboda for "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga.

Third place and $100 went to Ally Patteson, Claire Rainville, Molly Turlington, Jaymie White and Megan Haviland who performed "Rumor Has It," by Adele. What a group of talented young women!

School is out, so be careful on the roads and enjoy the beginning of summer and all the fun it brings.