Multi-vehicle tolls changed on Susquehanna bridges

Tolls for multi-axle vehicles — those with more than two axles including trailers being towed — on the I-95 Tydings and Route 40 Hatem bridges will both increase and decrease effective at 12:01 a.m. Sunday when the next phase of the statewide toll increases takes effect.

The multiple-axle vehicle tolls on the three Baltimore Harbor crossings — Harbor and Ft. McHenry tunnels and Francis Scott Key Bridge — and the Bay Bridge will increase across the board; however, that won't be the case with the two Susquehanna River bridges, where reductions will occur for 3-axle and 4-axle vehicles, according to the Maryland Transportation Authority, or MdTA, which operates the state's toll bridges and tunnels.

MdTA said multipliers used to set the tolls on the two bridges have been reduced to account for vehicles towing trailers, leading to the lower tolls. The 3-axle vehicle cash toll will decrease from $15 to $12 and the 4-axle toll will decrease from $23 to $18.

The reduction addresses issues local users of the bridges and elected officials brought up last spring about work and boat trailers frequently using the bridge to go from one side of the river to the other.

The 5-axle toll on the bridges will increase from $30 to $36 and the toll for vehicles with six or more axles will increase from $38 to $45 on the two bridges.

Similar increases and decreases will take effect for video toll rates, charged against vehicles passing through toll facilities without an EZ Pass or some other transponder, which typically run 150 percent higher than base cash toll rates.

In addition to the toll changes, MdTA said sales of Hatem Bridge A-series tickets for vehicles with five axles will end Saturday, Dec. 31.

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