Council members express sympathy for Dr. Hatem

At the Havre de Grace City Council meeting Monday evening, several council members expressed their condolences at the recent passing of longtime city resident and obstetrician Dr. Frederick Hatem, who delivered more than 10,000 babies during his medical career.

"The city of Havre de Grace lost a good friend recently in Dr. Hatem," Councilman John Correri said, adding he wanted to express his sympathy and prayers. "The Hatem family had a long history here in Havre de Grace. They were very active in the community. Fred used to be the city attorney here at one time. It was just a loss for the city of Havre de Grace."


Bayview Drive

In light of a recent public hearing to decide what to do with Bayview Drive after construction on Route 155 will make sight distances from the intersection even worse, Councilman Fred Cullum made a motion to close Bayview Drive at 155 in both directions and to place signs at Martin Road to indicate it is not a through street and for local traffic only.


Correri disagreed, saying he thinks there needs to be more discussion about the Bayview situation. He asked the council to hold off making a decision.

Cullum agreed to withdraw his motion until the next council meeting.

Golf carts on streets

Sharon Duncan, of Locust Road, asked the council to consider permitting the use of golf carts on city streets.

She said many similar cities have authorized the use of golf carts, and it would go hand in hand with Havre de Grace's "green" initiative and energy efficiency.

"This city is perfect for the use of golf carts. Our speed limits here are 25 miles per hour. We are a very contained city," she said.

Duncan also said residents are welcome to help clean the North Park Trail. The group that is working on it will meet at 10 a.m. Saturday and work for about an hour.

"There's a grooming and maintenance effort for North Park Trail," she said, adding residents do not have to come out Saturday. "It's kind of on a 'do it as you can' basis…It's an excellent project for people to take their kids and get some sunshine and appreciate nature"


She said interested residents could contact her at 410-939-9269.