Reminders of sports successes among treasures at the Aberdeen Room [community]

Maryland is certainly known for its sports figures. Many successes in the sports world are credited to the state, and Aberdeen.

The Aberdeen Room museum has been fortunate in having donations of sports memorabilia over its 25 years of operation. Display cases of balls, bats, gloves are filled with local items.

For the Ravens' fans, there is a banner year when the Ravens won the Super Bowl in New Orleans! Of course, back in 2001, the Ravens also won the Super Bowl.

What a happy surprise it was when Ed Illick brought in some of his treasures, including a collection he had from that year, 2001. Two footballs from the Ravens 2001 Super Bowl win are among the items he brought for the Aberdeen room exhibit! There is also a large newspaper collection from that year for the library and display.

There are also a number of books in the Illick collection that are now added to the Aberdeen Room Library. "APG Facts and Figures" from 1988, "U.S. Army Ordnance Center and School" from 1983, "A Guide to APG, Home of Army Ordnance," "1979 APG Employees' Handbook," "1988 Farmers' Almanac," "Webster's New American Crossword Puzzle Dictionary," "Time Almanac 1999:, "The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language", "The Discoverers: A History of Man's Search to Know His World and Himself," "A War to be Won, Fighting's the Second World War" by Murray and Millett, "World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy, and Math" edited by Timothy Ferns, "The First World War" by John Keegan, June 5. 1992 Feature from The Record about Aberdeen's 100th anniversary.

Other Aberdeen Proving Ground memorabilia has come from the Duguid Estate. A 1963 photo of the Honor Roll at APG, a photo of the ceremony honoring Edward Duguid and Howard Manley for 30 years service, showing Baker Middleton, Vesta Sanders, Thomas Colleran and William Murphy are among the photos. There is a photo of employees of APG honoring E.E. MacMorland. There is also a photo of employees of APG Building 315 honoring Edward Duguid and William Minnick in the Forest Green's Clubhouse in October of 1953.

Jim Lindsey has clipped news items from the Business Ledger that have been placed in our current binders, including Jan. 13, 2013 item "Gino's and Chick-fil-a Coming to Aberdeen," "Maryland House Rebuilding," "Aberdeen APG Business Park Plan Stalled" (close to the I-95 Interchange, Another clipping of Jan. 13, 2013, "HCC Dedicates new APGFCU Arena."

Thinking the coming of Spring, another clipping tells us that the IronBirds are getting a new logo!

Now that we are beginning to think about our local ball teams and the coming season, Mike Danish brought in a handbook from the Levy Restaurants that were given to the workers at the Ripken Stadium in the past.

"Painter Bill" took some photos of the remaining boiler room at 35 East Bel Air Avenue, and brought them into the museum, and they were placed in the files of structures on East Bel Air Avenue.

Mary Lee Plummer donated a magnet from 2000, given by the Maryland Office of Service and Volunteerism.

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