Newspaper clippings bring back memories

Why do people clip articles fro newspapers and save them? They may do it for many reasons, but we at the Aberdeen Room are very glad they do.

One very interesting article from the "Harford Democrat" back in May 1977 brought back memories! In one of the 1977 scrapbooks compiled by Annabelle Mitchell is an article "The Royal Blue Stoops Again." Included is a photo we had taken, showing the Royal Blue stopped at the Aberdeen B&O Railroad Station on that day.


The article told of a familiar sound heard throughout the Aberdeen area on Saturdays. The whistles of an energetic engineer and the familiar "puff puffs" of the steam locomotive attracted wide attention as it rolled into Aberdeen, where for the first time in 19 years passengers could again enter the Royal Blue coaches.

The event was a special trip to Philadelphia, and return in the late afternoon to again stop to discharge those fortunate enough to have decided to turn back the clock and enjoy again, perhaps for the first time, the luxury of riding the Royal Blue.


The Chessie system was arranging other excursions on the B&O tracks, which continued to attract customers. At the time, a disappointed Aberdeen visitor remarked the next day, "Had I only known such a trip was possible yesterday, as I never had the opportunity to ride a train like that."

Other tours included a trip to Harpers Ferry and one to Hagerstown.

We remember the day very well and took the photo. The engine came in with a huff and puff with billows of black smoke high into the sky. The big driving wheels turned and the special train moved down the track away from the Aberdeen station as it did in yesterdays.

The B&O was one of the finest railroads to travel on to New York, or west to St. Louis, Detroit and Chicago. That day was the first time the passenger train stopped in Aberdeen since discontinuing passenger service in 1958.

Other clippings bring back sad memories. The Blenheim Lodge fire on a cold winter day in 1976 was one such event. Another was a clipping of a photo of E. Dell Drug Store when it was on East Bel Air Avenue in 1902. From several newspapers are clippings of the March 22, 1958 snowstorm that wrought disaster on Maryland.

Another clipping on the sports page in "The Record" in the 1960s showed Molly Lee Maslin on "Jamie," a working hunter.

Another clipping from the "APG News" shows Vince Gerdom getting an award for 49 years of service in August 1968.

Also from the "APG News" a clipping from 1973, "APG Museum to House a Century of Ordnance Development." A sad note for all of us who regret that the APG Museum is no longer open.


Another 1973 clipping from the "APG News" shows "Jarrett and Effron Honored for Role in Museum Plan."

From "The Aegis" of January 1963 is a clipping of Fred Baldwin inducted into the Hall of Fame for Old timers Association of Maryland-Susquehanna League Champs in 1936.

"C.B. Osborn Harvests Corn in a Big Way" is another clipping from the "Harford Democrat" showing Osborn on a new corn combine in 1968.

From the "Harford Democrat" is a clipping of "Tribute to the Late Gordon Mitchell-Executive for DuPont," in 1968.