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Charles Village girl wins $1,000 on Jeopardy!

Amanda "Mandy" Berry of Charles Village couldn't get her signalling device to work consistently and there wasn't much she could do against two whiz kids signaling in before her.

Amanda finished third, but won $1,000 and answered a Daily Double correctly as a contestant on the Kids Week version of the answer-and-question game show Jeopardy!. She competed on the first show, which was taped in March and aired Monday. The winner was Matthew Cline, of Arkansas, who won a whopping $40,801.

Amanda, who goes by Mandy, is the daughter of William Berry and Joan Diers. She attended Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School this year, but will attend Roland Park ElementaryMiddle next year, said her mother, Joan Diers.

She and her mother, a teacher's aide at Medfield Heights Elementary, flew out to Sony Pictures Studios in Culver Cty, Ca., to tape the show. Jeopardy! producers swore the contestants and their families to secrecy until the shows aired.

Each contestant is guaranteed some money. For the winners, it's at least $15,000. For the second-and-third-place finishers, it's $2,000 and $1,000 respectively, spokeswoman Susie Eun said.

Amanda's Daily Double adventure started when Diers signed her up in October 2011 for an online test for potential contestants for Kids Week.

That led to a callback for an audition, a personality quiz and another call, telling her she had been chosen as a contestant and would receive a free trip with one adult to Culver City.

"I actually got the principal (at Margaret Brent) to announce it," she said in March.

Amanda also said then that she has been watching "Jeopardy! Kids Week" since she was 5.

On the show, Amanda, an aspiring veterinarian, told host Alex Trebek that she wanted to buy with her winnings a sugar glider, a gliding possum.

Amanda's highight came when she got a Daily Double answer and wagered $150. She correctly said that Asa Butterfield played the role of Hugo in the movie of the same name.

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