Best Dental Practice: Laurel BushFamily Dentistry

Going to the dentist often gets a bad rap. But thanks to her generosity and welcoming nature, Dr. Mary Teddy Wray of Laurel Bush Family Dentistry takes much of the sting out of the experience.

Wray, a Uganda native, moved to the United States in 1979 at the age of 17. She put herself through college and then dental school, financing her dental degree by spending nights caring for a woman with Alzheimer’s disease.

When she opened her own practice, first in Towson and then, in 2001, in Bel Air, she brought with her the generous nature that helped her as a caretaker. Wray is currently involved with multiple charitable organizations — she sits on four local boards — and she has received numerous awards for her role in the dental community and for her humanitarian work.

In the office, she gives back via low-cost or no-cost dental care for those in need, and she conveys her kind nature during interactions with all her patients. She is most at home, she says, when she is working directly with patients.

“The one-on-one communication with the patient, I like that,” she says. “Plus, I like to fix people’s smiles.” -- Kit Waskom Pollard | For Harford Magazine

2111 Laurel Bush Road, Suite E, Bel

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