Best Doggie Day Care: Best Friends Fur Ever Dog Daycare & Overnight Resort

One of the toughest things about being a dog owner is figuring out what to do when you can’t be with your pup. Fortunately for the canines of Harford County, when their owners head to work or go away on vacation, they can visit Best Friends Fur Ever, a 24/7, year-round operation where dogs have space to play, socialize and relax in a “resort-style” setting.

Visiting dogs get active in a fun, outdoor play area several times a day.

“We have four different play groups,” says receptionist Emily Henshaw.

Dogs are grouped by size, age and energy level, so energetic puppies and older, bigger dogs get their own spaces.

“People drop their dogs off and they play all day,” says Henshaw. “Their owners tell us they come home and pass out from playing all day, from having so much fun.”

The company makes safety a priority and evaluates dogs before allowing them to stay. They also have a special program for older dogs and dogs with diabetes, seizures or other special care needs. Those pups receive round-the-clock care and are not placed in crates.

In addition to standard care, Best Friends Fur Ever offers training and grooming services, making dogs’ visits fun and productive.

The facility is equipped with webcams, and the staff posts photos of doggie overnight guests on Facebook so owners can check in on their pups from work or vacation.

When they do so, they tend to like what they see: dogs that are happy, having fun and getting tons of attention. -- Kit Waskom Pollard | For Harford Magazine

1009 Philadelphia Road,

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