After a break in a 54-inch water transmission main in Chevy Chase Monday night, WSSC officials this morning placed a mandatory restriction on water use that affects all customers — residential and businesses — in Prince George's and Montgomery counties.

Monday's water main break, which occurred around 8 p.m., created a 30-foot-high geyser near the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Chevy Chase Lake Drive, WSSC officials said in a released statement.


WSSC officials said about 60 million gallons of water was lost.

While no customers are currently without water, the restrictions will ensure that fire departments and hospitals will continue to have adequate water supply. The restrictions will continue until the repairs are completed.

WSSC officials offered these suggestions for restricting water use:

Use water only as necessary; take shorter showers and turn off faucets after washing hands and while brushing teeth;

Don't flush toilets after every use;

Don't use clothes washers, if possible;

Limit dishwasher use and wash only full loads.

A violation carries a fine of up to $500 fine, WSSC officials said in the statement.

For more information, go to the WSSC website at wsscwater.com or call the WSSC Call Center at 301-206-4002.