Montpelier wins in a close Division C encounter

With only one week remaining in the regular season of the Prince-Mont Swim League, the Montpelier Community Association has assured that no local team will go winless this season for the first year since 2007 after earning its first victory July 9.

Russett, West Laurel and Laurel City also captured wins in Week 4 of the summer swim season.

Montpelier's win came in a closely contested meet, overwhelming hosts Cheverly Swim and Racquet Club, 284-271, to improve to 1-3 in Division C.

The Marlins rallied behind several multiple winners, including triple winners Suzannah Mills, girls 11-12 fly, free, IM; Thomas Brown de Colstoun, boys 11-12 fly, back, IM; Dylan Buehler, boys 13-14 fly, free, IM; Matt Derrick, boys 15-18 fly, free, IM; and Naomi Mills, girls 15-18 fly, free, IM.

Double winners included Lucas Brown de Colstoun, boys 9-10 free, back; Frankie Spitza, boys 11-12 free, breast; and Raymond Rice, boys 13-14 breast, back.

In a meet where the Russett girls lost only one event, the Sharks continued their already unbeaten record, dominating guests New Carrollton Recreation, 331-231, in Division D.

The six triple winners for the Sharks were Madewa Adeyemo, boys 9-10 fly, free, back; Simone DeSouza, girls 11-12 fly, free, back; Allison Ritter, girls 9-10 free, breast, back; Everett Butler, boys 13-14 fly, free, back; Paris Hicks, girls 13-14 fly, breast, IM; and Taylor Hicks, girls 15-18 fly, breast, IM.

Double winners were Tomisin Sobande, girls U-8 25 free, 25 back; and Alexandra Bowman, girls 13-14 50 free, 50 back.

For the third consecutive week, Alex Cartron broke a team and pool record in victory for the Sharks, setting a record in the boys 15-18 50 back in 31.84. Taylor Hicks (girls 15-18 50 fly in 31.71; girls 15-18 100 IM in 1:14.72) and Bowman (girls 13-14 50 back in 36.13) also set pool records at home for Russett.

The Hicks sisters – Taylor and Paris – have been triple winners in each of the four regular season wins for the Sharks.

West Laurel defeated Belair Swim and Racquet, 308.5-264.5, to improve to 2-2 in Division B. At 2-2, the Wahoos have their best record since finishing 3-2 in 2007.

Ben Dotson, boys 9-10 fly, free, back; Max Bagileo, boys U-8 free, breast, back; Olivia Petrusky, girls 13-14 fly, breast, IM; and Eric Brothman, boys 15-18 fly, back, IM were triple winners for West Laurel.

Katie Ruiz, girls 13-14 50 free, back; Danielle Calabrese, girls 11-12 back, IM; and Cara Samson, girls 9-10 fly, free were double winners.

After losing in the first week of the regular season, Laurel City has won for the third consecutive time in Division F, defeating hosts Suburban Aquatic Club, 281-231.

Triple winners for Laurel City were Matthew Whelan, boys 11-12 fly, free, IM; Eanna Hehir-Keys, girls 11-12 fly, breast, IM; and Abigail Krehbiel, girls 15-18 breast, back, IM; while Cameron Bouie, girls 9-10 fly, free; Alyssa Lauritsen, girls 15-18 fly, free; and Madison Jones, girls 9-10 25 breast, back were double winners.

The Silver Spring Swim Team, which was 5-0 in Division B in the 2010 regular season, dropped to 1-3 on the current season, losing to host Theresa Banks Swim Club, 298-274, in Division A.

Triple winners were Jaimy Wenhold, girls 11-12 fly, breast, IM; Joshua Oruya, boys 15-18 fly, free, IM; and Erin Kane, girls 13-14 free, back, IM.

Soraya Oruya, girls 15-18 50 fly, back; Laila Webb, girls U-8 25 free, back; and Janene Gerlach, girls 15-18 100 free, IM were double winners for Silver Spring.

The West Arundel Aqua Ducks dropped a close meet at Marlton Swim and Recreation Club, 300-275, in a match-up of Division C opponents.

Despite the loss, the Aqua Ducks had several multiple winners. Ally Webb, girls 11-12 fly, free, back; Jay Venit, boys 11-12 breast, back, IM; Andrea Sturgis, girls 13-14 fly, free, IM; Billy Rodgers, boys 15-18 fly, free, IM; and Kellianne Venit, girls 15-18 free, back, IM were triple winners. Colette Pierce, girls 11-12 breast, IM was the only double winner for West Arundel.

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Upcoming July 16 meets include Silver Spring at Belair Bath and Tennis Club (Bowie), West Laurel at Adelphi Recreation, Northridge Swim Team (Bowie) at West Arundel, Montpelier at Kingfish Swim Club (Mitchellville), Russett at Fort Washington Swim Team and Prince George's Pool (Mt. Rainier) at Laurel City.

Teams should send results by Monday 9 a.m. to Include names of double and triple winners, and any records set.

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