Letter: Evidence of Benghazi cover-up would affect presidential race

This letter is a plea, from me personally, and I believe from many, many Americans, to the major media networks, and to anyone who is in a position of power in our great country, to do everything in our power to be sure the entire Benghazi story is told, and soon. I think a true travesty of justice, and a great tragedy, is unfolding before our eyes. The tragedy did not end with the death of our four fellow countrymen; it now continues as our government, and most of our major media networks, refuse to tell us the whole story in a truthful, comprehensive manner. For the few media sources who do keep asking the hard questions and demanding answers, the more we learn from them the worse it gets. I would even go so far as to say the election of our next president should not go forward until the whole truth is put forth, because if our current president and his administration have intentionally made some inconceivably bad decisions, or inadvertently done so, then the cover-up is almost worse than having made them, and I for one do not want a man for my president who is capable of such things. If he has no culpability in either the initial tragedy or the ensuing cover up, I would think any honorable American would want to know that for sure before in good conscience voting for him. Right now we do not know that for sure, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Deborah Yeagley


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