A Laurel High student has been admitted to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation after Laurel Police were notified he may have had plans to harm others.
According to Laurel city spokesman Pete Piringer, police believe the student had access to weapons, and believe he was a “credible threat.”
Piringer said no weapons were recovered.
Investigators found charts and diagrams in the student’s locker that suggested he had plans to harm others, Piringer said.
According to Piringer, police were notified Monday, Dec. 17 of the incident by a school security guard after students brought concerns to their teacher. The student, who was not in school on Monday, was located later that day, and immediately admitted for emergency evaluation.
“The message we are trying to convey is it all started with observations of classmates,” Piringer said.
Piringer said the student has not been arrested or charged by police.
In a letter to school parents, Laurel High Principal Dwayne Jones said “at no time were any students threatened, harmed or placed in danger.”
In the letter, Jones said that the cooperative  effort of the school and Laurel Police was “a  prime example of how schools and local law  enforcement can work together to insure the well-being of students.”
Piringer, who could not say when the teacher was notified of the incident, would not disclose the age of the student.