Moses Stone, who is a Laurel High grad, will compete on season two of "The Voice."
Moses Stone, who is a Laurel High grad, will compete on season two of "The Voice." (Submitted photo)

Laurel native Moses Stone made his first appearance on NBC's "The Voice" Monday night, catching the eye of judge Christina Aguilera.

The 2005 Laurel High graduate was selected for Aguilera's team on the singing competition show Monday, Feb. 13, thanks to his work on the Black Eyed Peas' "Let's Get it Started."


Host Carson Daly called Stone — who changed his name from Moses Haughton —the show's "first-ever MC." It was the first time any contestant had rapped during the show, now in its second season.

Stone, 25, has been rapping since the age of 9. He moved to Hollywood a few years ago to pursue a music career, and is currently recording an EP of what he calls "urban pop."

His performance of "Let's Get it Started" was cut to less than a minute by the show's editors, but viewers were able to see Stone jumping around, leaving the stage and walking into the audience to boost energy.

Viewers also saw Aguilera explaining why she picked him for her team.

"Throughout my career, I've worked with so many hip-hop artists," Aguilera said on the show. "The way that he came across, so crystal clear in his delivery, and the energy that he brought to that stage, really moved me. He gives 'The Voice' a whole new meaning."

Stone will now go on to be coached by Aguilera in coming episodes, and compete against his teammates in order to move forward on the show.

To see full episodes of "The Voice," and the clip of Stone's performance, go to nbc.com.