Baseball's popularity was on the rise in 1911

100 Years Ago

A Look back at 1911


• Baseball was getting very popular, but airplanes were still thought of as just for racing and sport.

• Popular books in early 1900s were "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," by Frank Baum, "Up From Slavery," by Booker T. Washington and "The Call of the Wild," by Jack London.


• The first ever yellow pages and comic books were published.

• Newcomers were flooding into America with the highest one day total coming in 1911 at Ellis Island, N.Y., of 11,745 immigrants.

• Coffee was 15 cents a pound. The maximum speed limit was 10 miles an hour — there were less than 10,000 cars in the U.S. Only 14 percent homes had a bathtub.

• A man's life expectancy was 47 years.

• The average wage was 22 cents per hour.

• The No. 1 killer was flu and pneumonia, not cancer.

• There were 230 murders in U.S., and up in Canada, they prohibited poor people from entering the country. And there were only 46 U.S. states in 1911. Arizona and Oklahoma would join the United States in 1912 and Hawaii and Alaska in 1959.

75 Years Ago



An ad for an Ellicott City car service:

"Taxicabs: Phone Ellicott City 28 State Cab Co.: Main St. opp Eason Sons Ellicott City, Md."

50 Years Ago

Girls weekend

"Judy Kirk of Harwood spent the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Marshall of Normandy Heights and was guest of their daughter, Bonnie."