History Matters: Jessup Volunteer Fire Department has a new utility truck

100 Years Ago

For the birds


Ads in the Times:

"Books on Poultry: Pigeons, Bee-Keeping, Farming-Gardening. The Eichelberger Book Co. 308 N. Charles St. Baltimore, Md.


"Send us cow and horse hides: To be tanned and manufactured into coats, robes, gloves and mittens. We are dresses of all kinds of furs. Write for free catalogue and samples telling all about our business. Fur coats and robes for sale. The Sylvania Tanning Co. Sylvana, Ohio."

75 Years Ago

Balance of payments

Briefs from the "Home and Abroad" column:

"Imports exceed exports: Speaking of farm products, for the first time in history, according to the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, products sold abroad totaled $733,000,000 while competitive agricultural goods imported totaled $868,000,000. This must mean something.

"The English will 'probably' renew token payments on the War Debt to the United States next month when the dun notes are sent out. It is about time something was done. It might created a better feeling here in respect to the Anglo-American friendship."

Ah, payments for debts incurred during World War I, just in time for round two, and also Lend-Lease! Little did the Brits know then how much their finances would be devastated by another war, and that in a few years they'd be leasing military equipment and materiel from the United States.

Though Britain was on the winning side of World War II, they suffered financially for many years afterward. In fact, when the Beatles became a worldwide hit, the resulting financial boom made a big hit with the British government too, that was still, in the early 1960s, recovering from the war.

"The U.S. Delegation has rejected a British proposal that the two nations join in an effort to halt the Sino-Japanese conflict by asking for an armistice. Ambassador Norman H. Davis said the proposal would merely invite another rebuff from Japan. Great Britain and France are blundering along attempting a face-saving measure. Washington sends word to pack up and come home, or so we understand."

Davis was a United States ambassador-at-large that November of 1937. The ambassador to Japan at the time was Eugene Dooman, but he would leave on December 8, 1941, (the day after Pearl Harbor) and there would be no ambassadorship there until 1952. War with the host nation tends to do that.

According to state department lists, the ambassador to United Kingdom until November 17, 1937, was Robert Worth Bingham. Joe Kennedy would become ambassador to the U.K. in January, 1938.

Five Maryland citizens have served as ambassadors to Britain, including Howard County's David Bruce, of Belmont.


50 Years Ago

Here's the beef

Times news briefs: New truck

"The Jessup Volunteer Fire Department has a new $3,500 utility truck made possible in part by donations given during a recent fund drive. Equipped for rescue and salvage work, it also carries a 2,000 watt generator and carries flood lights. Chief John J. O'Leary said the pickup truck formerly in use wore out and the company decided to obtain another vehicle with a specially designed body for firefighting purposes."

"Discolored Water In Ellicott City Brings Complaints: Because of discoloration of the water supply, a deluge of protest from Ellicott City users was lodged this week with the office of James F. Lane, acting County Health officer. For several days a turn of the faucet brought forth a stream of water so discolored that a number of people were afraid to use it."

"Safeway Store Buys Prize Winning 4-H Beef: Safeway Store Normandy Shopping center announces it has purchases a prize winning 4-H Club beef shown at the National Live Stock Show. Steers belonging to Doris Ann Mullinex of Woodbine and Bruce Brendel and Carolyn Musgrove of Ellicott City totaling 4,320 pounds of prize winning beef, will be on sale in the store this weekend."

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