History Matters: Truck driver jumps to the aid of distressed woman in 1936

100 Years Ago

Trusted home


"Mrs. Frances Fogarty of N. Calvert St. Baltimore, visited her grandmother Mrs. John Cole during the past week.

Mrs. Charles G. Summers Sr. have closed their summer home, "Trusty Friend Farms" and are occupying their apartments at Bristol, Eutaw Place, Baltimore."


75 Years Ago

Falling chivalry

A national news section brief in the Times:

"A brave truck driver, name unknown, saw a lady with a difficult name, Mrs. Anastasia Adeuszkuus, hanging from the ledge of a 2nd story in Jersey City.

Rushing to help, he caught her in his arms as she fell, then left wanting no praise.

He makes up for men that do not give their seats up to ladies on street cars."

I doubt he knew she had a difficult name before he rushed in to save her. But what's the story here, why was she hanging out there? That information isn't given. Was she washing windows from the ledge, or had she fallen out of a window? If she was going for suicide out of a second floor window, she did have more problems than just a difficult name.

And the news from Hollywood:

"Bing Crosby is known as a man of individuality. Everything he does has an individual slant to it. An example is his incorporation of Bing Crosby, Ltd, Inc. The officers are Bing's dad, his two brothers and himself. The corporation gives them all jobs and keeps them busy handling the coin which rolls in from Bing's advertising royalties, his radio contract, screen salary and investments.

Whenever Bing needs a little extra cash from the corporation, he simply calls the officers ... ."

50 Years Ago

Play, dance, bowl


From the Times event column:

"The 59'ers 4-H Club plans to present play.

The 59's 4-H club held its October meeting at the home of Gail Richmond on the 21st. they held a candle ceremony at which Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Richmond, loyal leaders, presided. The members found it very interesting. Safety officer Gail Johnson helped present a skit about electrical safety. Everyone took part.

Cindy Hays, the new president, called the business meeting to order and the coming play was discussed.

CYO Members to attend Barn Dance

The members of St. Paul's CYO have been invited by Ascension Catholic Church of Halethorpe on November 17. There will be a special CYO 10 o'clock mass at St. Paul's on November 19."

From the Elkridge social column:

"Elkridge Girl on T.V.

"Mary Jane Relaliatta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Relaliatta and Gail Dietrick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dietrick will be guests on the Bozo T.V. show Wed. November 22 at 5 p.m."

There were a fair number of kids' shows on T.V. in the late 1950s and early 1960s from Baltimore. The "Bozo the Clown" show originated in Chicago, but a Baltimore T.V. station held a franchise and Stu Kerr played not only Professor Kool, but also Bozo. The Maryland Public Broadcasting System, which eventually would air a variety of kids' programs, didn't begin airing programs until 1969.

And in another T.V. note:

"Joseph Hatmanako of Harwood was a bowler on the T.V. show Strikes and Spares last Thursday evening."

WBAL-TV produced that show and built bowling alleys in their studios for the several bowling shows they offered. WBAL-TV, which began in 1948, like many Baltimore T.V. and radio stations, transmits their shows from antennas on T.V. Hill, in northwest Baltimore.

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