History Matters: "Anne of Green Gables" like event takes over Sykesville 100 years ago

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100 Years Ago

What's new ...


In the Sykesville section: The "Little Workers" will have a lawn fete on Mr. John Clark's lawn Tuesday evening. All are cordially invited to attend. Anything gotten up by the circle of young girls should be liberally patronized for their good deeds are known throughout this community, not only is the spiritual life emphasized but they abound in works of charity. So come out one and all and help along in the cause.

This sounds reminiscent of the young community workers in "Anne of Green Gables." Though their efforts in the community did not go as smoothly as the Sykesville group's evidently did, the discord Anne faced made for good reading.


The Rev. Thomas Marshall West will leave Thursday for a three weeks' stay in Laurel, MI, where he will fill the pulpit for the Rev. J.H. Jeffries who will visit his parents in Wales.

Some well-knowns from Wales include: Anthony Hopkins, Timothy Dalton, Dylan Thomas, Bertrand Russell and Tom Jones. The latter, singer of songs that include, "What's New Pussycat and "Delilah," was knighted, he's Sir Thomas John Woodward.

His is an interesting story. I recall learning in the 1960s, when he was often on TV, that his dad was a coal miner and that that as a child Tom contracted tuberculosis and for a couple of years was confined to his bed. He spent much of this down time listening to music. That misfortune may have been a case of lemons turned into lemonade, as he would eventually make his fame and fortune in music.

That story reminds me of Robert Louis Stevenson, who was also bedridden for a time as a child. The story goes that from his bedroom he could hear the tales of sea captains who would come into the family home to visit his father. Through his forced isolation his young mind was no doubt ripe for seeds of inspiration that would later bloom into his classic sea tales like, "Treasure Island" and "Kidnapped."

75 Years Ago

Describing it anyway

"Patapsco State Forest starting at Relay and extending some miles up the Patapsco River, is a beauty spot which need take off its hat to none. The CCC boys from Camp Tydings have spent many hours clearing underbrush, building roads, etc, but they have done nothing to interfere with its natural beauty. Over weekends it is a mecca for Boy Scouts and other campers and hikers. Huge rocks, surrounded by ferns, tinkling rills originating in Springs on the hillsides, the Cascade Trail, willows drooping over the river bank , all combine to make miles of sylvan loveliness which defy description."

The CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps,) was a Depression-era group of men given work in the parks making infrastructure improvements. Milliard Tydings was a United States Senator from Maryland from 1923-1927. Among the CCC projects were establishing trails and building the stone picnic shelters at Orange Grove and Glen Artney sections of the park.


50 Years Ago

Downy ocean and back

"Residents of Chatham Road are welcoming their new neighbors to their area. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Helland, together with their two children, moved to their new home at Liz Chatham from Rogers Forge. Mr. Helland is with the Alexander Smith Carpet Little League.

The member of the Split Rail Garden Club met Friday, July 20 at the home of Mrs. John Groener, Church Road. The workshop meeting was combined with a luncheon and a swimming party.

Deborah Ruth Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Thompson, of Waterloo Road has returned home from Kernan's Hospital where she underwent surgery July 13 to correct a foot injury. A special welcome home celebration was planned by her two sisters Dawn and Linda.

Sharon Kindt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kindt, High Point Road, entertained a group of friends and classmates from the Atholton School at a recent cook-out. The guests included Jeannie Zabel, Carol Secrest; Debbie Bean, Jennifer Smith, Barbara Ross and Anita Barondes.


Mr. and Mrs. Earle Mullinix of St. John's Manor and Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Albright, Catonsville, retuned Monday form a week's vacation in Ocean City where they stayed at the Plimhimmon Hotel."