Boy, 11, rescued from Patapsco by officer in 1938 [History Matters]

100 Years Ago

Church offerings


"Church Notes" from the Times:

"Miss Mary Jefferson will address the congregation at Linden, on Sunday, 10:30 A.M. and Clarksville at 3 P.M.


"Trinity Church, Ten Hills. Evening prayer and sermon. 4 P.M.

"St. John's Church Morning Prayer, Litany and Sermon 11 A.M.

"St. Peter's Church Morning prayers. Sermon and Holy communion at 11 A.M. Evening prayers and sermon 3:30 P.M."

75 Years Ago

A 'modest' rescue

"Officer Cameron Saves Life

"Officer Elmer Cameron of the Howard County Police Department has been credited with being instrumental in saving the life of an eleven-year-old boy who nearly drowned in the Patapsco.

"Robert Durnin of Virginia Ave. and two other boys who were riding the raft down the river reached shore when it tipped over but William Hanson went back after it. When he got in trouble, Robert went in to assist him and was caught in the current himself.

"Baltimore County Lt. W. Sanco says that Officer Cameron was one of the first on the scene when the Durnin boy was pulled from the river and applied his knowledge of first aid to expel the water and start him breathing.

After Cameron had seen that Robert was wrapped in blankets and being taken to the ambulance he 'modestly left the scene,' accordingly to Lt. Stanco."

50 years ago

Paradise or parking lot?


"Parks Needed! Merging Cities threaten Open Space

" 'In the Twenty-first century, will also the land be covered up by cement and houses?' "

"This question from a small boy after looking at cartoons of the future points to the need for planning now so that the grass and trees will be here for the children and adults of our country to enjoy.

"The members of the Planning Commission staff report on the plans in the making and the reasons behind these plans to preserve our heritage.

"Why does Howard County need parks? With all the open space now used by farms, does the County have to be concerned about the loss of a few acres to present land development?

"This open space that we so easily take for granted is very quickly being purchased in large amounts by organizations whose ultimate aim is not farming or dairying but commercial, industrial and residential development.

"The county lies between two of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. The rise of population growth is such that by the year 1980, the two metropolitan areas, Baltimore and Washington, will probably merge as one large complex. The two metropolitan areas had a total population in 1960 of approximately four million and are expected to add an addition two million by 1980.

"We must have parks to meet the needs of a growing population before all available land is destroyed by the bulldozer. The longer we wait to acquire park land the more we have to pay for what little land is remaining. Park systems provide an outstandingly differing natural resources which we can pass down from generation to generation."

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