100 Years Ago

The iceman cameth


From the social notes: "Prof. Charles Kolb of Westminster was the guest Saturday and Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. David T. Barnes.

"Mr. Washington Ridgley spent several day last week with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ridgley of Sykesville.

"Quite a number of people in our neighborhood had their ice houses filled with ice last week.

"Mr. William E. Gilbert, a former Mayor of Laurel, is building one of the best roads in this county from his large farm, a short distance from Laurel, to Muirkirk station on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, five miles South of this place. Mr. Gilbert is a member of the firm of Gilbert Brothers, wholesale druggists of Baltimore, and is one of our enterprising farmers in this section of the county.

"Several years ago Mr. Gilbert concluded the most certain and reliable way to obtain good and productive cattle was to raise them from pedigreed sires and dams, and as a result he has taken the trouble to keep a record of the milk of one of his five year old heifers that became fresh on the 1st of June."

75 Years Ago

Kum-bah-ya? No, nyet, nein

Notes from the "Home and Abroad" column:

"A London paper reports that Russia has 100 submarines and 500 planes near Leningrad ready to defend their Soviet gateway to Europe. The move is looked upon as a weapon to be used against any action coming from Japan."

At the time, it was Germany that had troops a lot closer to Leningrad than did Japan. But right then the Soviets and Japan were fighting in the east and it also probably wasn't prudent for the Soviets to act distrustful of Germany with which, the following year, they would sign a non-aggression pact. The year after that, the two nations were at war.

Also, consider the source, a "London paper" during the time when some in Europe were trying to appease the German bully in the neighborhood in hopes that after taking some offerings, they'd go away satisfied. In September of that year, 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement with Germany. But by September, 1939, holding hands 'round the campfire, or the conference table, was definitely over. Germany invaded Poland, and Britain declared war on Germany.

"The Spanish royalists and rebels each claim victories around Turuel. Insurgent dispatches say two American brigades, the Lincoln and Washington, have been destroyed. These outfits have been fighting for the Spanish government for several months."

Ernest Hemingway was a member of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Another writer fighting in Spain was George Orwell, who was with the British contingent.

President Roosevelt has appealed for funds to assist Chinese civilians. He acts through the Red Cross and hopes "total will be as much as $1,000,000."


Japan and China were at war and the Chinese weren't faring very well.

50 Years Ago

Cubs, college program

"Lisbon Cub Scouts: Cub Scout Pack 827 of Lisbon, Maryland, held its Blue and Gold Banquet on Friday, February 22, in the Lisbon School. Approximately 110 persons were present.

"Robert Wojcik, Cub Master, presided over the festivities of the evening. The opening remarks and introduction of guests was followed by a minute of silent prayer and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. A Walt Disney movie was shown after which cub scouts were presented their achievement and service awards."

Morgan Students Speak:

"The Howard County Branch of the NAACP will present six Morgan College students in a panel program on Sunday, March 10, at 3 o'clock in the Locust Grove, Methodist church at Simpsonville. The students will tell of their recent picketing experiences and the results."

The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) began in February 1909.