1912 started out as a Cold New Year for many

100 Years Ago

Cold new year


From Woodbine:

"Mr. Charles L. Wittebecker of Seattle, Washington is spending several days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James molesworth. Mr. Solomon Wallnor spent Sunday with a friend.


Quite a large crowd of farmers met the educational train at Woodbine on Saturday afternoon, January 13th. A number of speakers were presented and greatly enjoyed by the visitors."

From the Oella social column:

"A birthday party was given in the home of Mrs. Kiners last week by several of our young town folk in honor of her 74th birthday.

Mr. Bentz Clements, who is employed as a race worker at the mill, was taken suddenly ill from the severe cold and has been confined to his home for the past week."

Sykesville news:

"Mrs. Jennie Warfield of Edgewood will spend the remainder of the winter in California.

Elaine Browning was overcome by gas while thawing out the water tank at Dr. J. F. Waesche's and was unconscious for several hours."

75 Years Ago


Entertaining innocence

"Mrs. Wm. Heath and Miss Corrie Esworthy visited friends in Elkridge, Sunday.

Mr. Thomas Everly will entertain the Ladies Aid Society of Lisbon M. E. Church, Feb 6th"

Today, the latter line might bring an "Ooh! La, La! And just how was he entertaining the ladies?" There's no hint of what Mr. Everly will do for the ladies in the society in this social brief. I imagine it was singing or piano playing. But because there was a certain innocence and decorum afoot then, it obviously didn't occur to the writer that filling in the blanks was in any way necessary. (Although, the line still might have brought a chuckle to some readers, and to Tom some ribbing.)

50 Years Ago

Time travel


From a short article in the Times:

"Maryland My Maryland" Official song of Skirmish Association"

"Maryland My Maryland" was chosen as the official song by the Potomac region of the North-South Skirmish Association, which includes, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, Virginia and the Carolinas. ... ."

Civil War history was much in the news then, and the skirmish association relatively new. The NSSA began in 1950, in time to gear up to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the war in 1961. The organization holds "skirmishes" where members, dressed both in Civil War-era uniforms, shoot at targets. They shoot in competitive teams, a much more civil way to do battle than conducting a war.

I had an uncle who was a member of NSSA and as kids my cousins and I attended an NSSA "shoot" in Virginia, during the 100th anniversary of the war. Going to that skirmish was like stepping back into the past. There were hundreds of people dressed in uniforms of both North and South and scores of sutlers were set up selling their wares of period clothing and equipment. And throughout the day, the sound of gunfire from the completive shooting from the firing line across the creek filled the air, as the aroma of sulfur wafted across the fields and ascended a hillside littered with tents.

But there are other ways to time-travel that don't require membership. This year, for the 150th anniversary commemoration of the war, there are events sponsored by various organizations being held throughout Maryland including the B&O Rail Road museums, and the Maryland Historical Society. And there will also be reenactments. The battles of South Mountain and Antietam, which took place in September, 1862, will be reenacted this September.


The B&O Museum in Ellicott City and the B&O Museum in Baltimore will be having displays and holding various events to commemorate this Civil War anniversary. Check them out at:, Baltimore: 410-752-2490, Ellicott City, 410-461-1945.