History Matters: Running water a real estate gem 100 years ago

100 Years Ago

H2 Ohhhh!


In the classifieds:

"For Rent: Blacksmith and Wheelwright Shop and Dwelling House at Cooksville. Best stand in the county. R.H. MERCER. Cooksville, Rd.


For Sale: 130 Acre Farm, situated on the Triadelphia Pike, one mile form Frederick Pike. Good Spring close to house, running water in barn. J.S. BROWN, Ellicott City, Md. Route 3."

In the latter ad, it makes sense to have the more efficient watering system for the animal occupants of the barn, who lap it up by the gallons, than for the humans in the home. But what a pain. You never think of getting a glass of water as an ordeal, except when running water was a luxury. Of course that's just cold water, creating hot water adds another layer of complexity, you know, back then when life was "simple."

75 Years Ago

War not novel

There was a captioned photo in the paper's international section of men shooting riffles during an attack on Guadarrama, Spain, during the Spanish Civil War: "The men aided in checking the rebel advance on Madrid at the mountain town."

The war had just begun in July, 1936, with the Republicans, supported by the Soviet Union against the Loyalist, or Nationalists, supported by the axis powers of Germany and Italy. The war would continue until 1939 when the Republicans surrendered to Nationalist GeneralFrancisco Franco.

Along a pass in the Sierra de Guadarrama is the location of Ernest Hemingway's war novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls. The book, published in 194, was a result of the time Hemingway spent in Spain in 1937 during that war. The subsequent movie was released during World War II, in 1943, and received nine Academy Award nominations, winning one.

Compared to other large European nations, you don't hear as much about Spain during World War II. Although citizens there fought for both sides, the government leaned toward the axis powers and aided the Nazis and Fascists. Though many refugees did escape Europe via Spain.

But the country was considered a "non-belligerent" nation during World War II. Their Civil War, which had just ended, may have had something to do with their status, as a half million people died during the Spanish Civil War, a likely reason why belligerence wasn't very palatable at that time.

50 Years Ago

Gridiron Lions

"Howard Lions Lose to Hagerstown Rebels 14-6"


"The South Hagerstown 'Rebels' pushed across touchdowns in the second and third quarts and held off Howard's threats to take the football game last Saturday night, 14-6. The game was played under the lights at the South Hagerstown stadium. A big contingent of Lions' fans made the trip including two busloads of students and the Howard Band and a special bus was chartered by the Howard Sports Boosters for the adults.

The Rebs caught the Lions by surprise with a fine rushing attack and threatened in the first quarter but lost the ball on a fumble. They were not to be denied in the second quarter when Halfback Lee Woodring scored around end and end Guyton kicked the extra point. Howard threatened with seconds to go in the half, but was unable to connect with a last ditch pass to the end zone.

The Rebels were again set up for scoring early in the third quarter when they recovered a fumble on the 25. After a few rushing plays, quarterback Phil Petry tossed a pass to end Bowman for the tally, and again Buyton's kick was good. The Lions scored after a break when Dave Lubinski stole the ball on a South Hagerstown handoff and ran it to the 22. Howard completed a pass to the sixth yard line and Bruce Ash heaved to Dave Poist for the TD to complete the scoring."

There was a photo above the article featuring the two Howard team captains:

'Howard High Football Captains: Clarence Creamer and Bruce Ash are the pilots of the Lion Football Team. Clarence lives with his sister in Ellicott City and Bruce with his parents also of Ellicott City. This is the second year of varsity competition for both fellows, Clarence at the right end and Bruce fills the quarterback slot. The next game for the 'Blue and White' Lions will be against Havre de Grace.' "

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