Ellicott City cyclist struck by car in February dies

An Ellicott City man and Johns Hopkins University student has died, nearly six months after a cycling accident left him in a coma, his family announced.

Nathan Krasnopoler, 20, passed away the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 10, at the Gilchrist Center, in Columbia. He had moved to the hospice facility Aug. 4, and family members were at his side when he died.

Krasnopoler was riding his bicycle on West University Parkway, in Baltimore, Feb. 26 when a car, driven by Jeannette Marie Walke, 83, of Baltimore, turned right into the designated bicycle lane, colliding with Krasnopoler. The impact caused Krasnopoler to stop breathing for an extended period of time, leaving him in a coma with severe, irreversible brain damage.

Walke pleaded guilty in May to negligent driving and failure to yield right of way to a cyclist in a designated lane, and paid a fine of $220. Krasnopoler's family has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Walke.

Krasnopoler, a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University, was studying computer science and math, and was an active member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), his family said.

The Krasnopoler family is establishing a memorial fund in his memory. The Nathan Krasnopoler Memorial Fund at the Whiting School of Engineering will benefit the student chapter of ACM, and to help fund ACM's new facility at the university.

"Nathan loved the ACM and found his niche at Hopkins there," his family said in a release Wednesday.

In a statement to students, Nicholas P. Jones, dean of the Whiting School of Engineering, called Krasnopoler "a student of great promise and a fine young man, well-loved by his family and by his many friends … He was an active and valued member of our community, and all of us at Johns Hopkins are lessened by his tragic departure from our midst."

Krasnopoler's funeral is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 12 at 11 a.m. at Sol Levinson's Funeral Home in Pikesville.

Donations to the Nathan Krasnopoler Memorial Fund at the Whiting School of Engineering may be made online at engineering.jhu.edu/giving or by mail to Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering, 3400 N. Charles St. Wyman 409, Baltimore, Md. 21218. Please include a note indicating it is for the memorial fund. Checks are to be made out to Johns Hopkins University.

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