A modest proposal: Let wolves kill the deer [Letter]

Jessica Kemper wrote in the April 9th issue about her frustration with the herds of deer that routinely eat valuable plants in Howard County. Anyone who has ever planted a flower or shrub here knows exactly what she is talking about.

Howard Countians have previously discussed the role of licensed hunting to thin the deer population. Howard Countians seem to be generally against wider licensing of hunters, perhaps because it is not a natural solution.


Fortunately, there is an all-natural solution to the deer problem. I am, of course, talking about wolves.

For a small fee, Howard County can introduce three or four breeding pairs of wolves to the local environment. This small wolf pack will roam the county and thin the deer herd in a natural and efficient manner. Wolves take out old and sick deer first. These are the ones most likely to be carriers of disease.


Wolves will provide other valuable services as well. With wolves, there will be no need to enforce leash laws for pets. Cats, for example, which are left to roam outside will be taken care of by the wolf pack. Burglars will be discouraged by the possibility of meeting the wolf pack during their nocturnal activities. Wolves then, will relieve the burden on our crowded kennels and court systems.

For all these good reasons, I urge all Howard Countians to write their representatives to request wolves for Howard County. Hunters may generate revenue through license fees, they may kill deer humanely, and they are certainly generous with their catch, but we don't need them here.

An easy and all-natural solution is available for a very modest price.

Trent Tschirgi