Letter: Howard County veterinarian helped family part with pet at home

We would like to say thank you to Countryside Veterinary Clinic.  When we realized it was time to say farewell to our dog Stacey we decided we wanted her to be at home where she was comfortable and felt safe.  When we called our regular veterinarian to set up a home visit we were informed that they were swamped and no longer felt the need to extend themselves for home visits as they had previously offered.  We were feeling lost and not sure where to turn to when our daughter-in-law declared her veterinary practice the best in Howard County and said she knew they would be willing.  She gave them a call and two days later on a gloomy, overcast day Dr. Melanie Burgess and her aide (we're sorry to say that in our grief we didn't pay attention to her name) crossed over the threshold of complete strangers to ease the pain and suffering of our beloved 13-year old Labrador retriever. They were extremely caring, courteous, efficient and understanding of our trauma.  Thank you to Jen, we'll agree that you were right concerning your veterinary practice; and once again thank you to Dr. Burgess and Countryside Veterinary Clinic.  We will be forever grateful.

Nikki and Wayne Rutz


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