Howard County's libraries are haven for book clubs [Letter]

I was delighted to see the cover piece on the Howard County Library System in the Feb. 21 issue of your paper. The HiTech initiative and numerous other services and programs were deservedly praised.

Howard County is home to many passionate readers, and the library system makes an extraordinary effort to accommodate them, especially when it comes to book discussion groups. The December — February edition of Source, the library's award-winning publication, lists 17 library-sponsored book discussion groups offering 47 book discussions in that  three month period. The Central Branch alone has registered over 100 community book groups, some 50 of which are currently active.

I worked at the library from 1982 to 2007, and the greatest joy of my time there was the chance to share my love of books with the library's enthusiastic customers, as well as with the most wonderful group of colleagues a person could ever wish for.

Roberta Rood

Ellicott City

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