Barry Blyveis said it more eloquently than I could ("CA should not be exempt from Homeowners Association Act," letter, Aug. 9), but I would just like to add: What safeguards are going to be in place to protect the CA lien holders once CA makes these changes they say they need?

Now at least there is legislation to protect those of us that own property that is controlled by CA. What guarantee do we have that similar legislation will be in place to give us the information we request about the use of our dollars? The laws regarding how HOAs or homeowners associations are managed protect the homeowners.


There is simply not enough time for homeowners to fully understand what this new law entails.

Last year, CA went to the villages and told them this legislation to remove them from the HOA rules was about to happen. There was enough of an outcry that they said they would give it more time. We never heard another word about it until this month.

Once again they are coming to us with a two-month window because they wish to rush this through the House of Delegates because it is so urgently needed. By whom? And if it were so urgently needed, why did they spend the last 10 months not communicating with the community about it?

KIMCO took years to win approval to renovate property KIMCO owns. They came back to the community over and over until it was acceptable and agreed upon. The years it took for KIMCO approval allowed Wilde Lake Village Center to decay even further. But they went through the process.

CA doesn't want to deal with approval from the community. They want to do it their way. We pay their way. It is land that we own. We want CA to be responsive to us and answer to us.

Many people in Columbia seem to be as appalled as I am by CIA's lack of communication and responsiveness. It seems that we are getting closer and closer to the day we have a city-wide election for a mayor that we can all hold accountable.

Steve McCord

Wilde Lake