Letter: CA has 'no business' serving others with Columbia homeowners' money

With every new news article about the new Symphony Woods plan a little more information leaks out. It is incomprehensible that CA has performed almost no outreach to its residents about the new plan. The only chance to date for public input on the plan was at a recent CA Board meeting after the plan hit the newspapers, and at that meeting only the proposed "trust," not the plan itself, was on the agenda. Last week's meeting on the plan itself at Slayton House was remarkably vacuous with no presentation, only sketches of the plan that had already been previewed in the papers and CA personnel without many answers. Most residents in attendance were shocked and dismayed.

Now a recent Howard section of The Baltimore Sun quotes Mr. (Ken) Ulman as saying the county would back the plan financially to "turn Symphony Woods into the world-class cultural and arts space that Columbia and Howard County deserve."  It's nice the county will chip in, but with a project that will probably cost $100 million it would be prudent to have in place guarantees of a significant contribution.

But the real question is, why is CA, a homeowners association, going to develop a "world-class cultural and arts space"?  CA was originally called the Columbia Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA).  They changed their name, but their original mission to serve their residents remains. They have no business serving others with our monies.

Ursula Kondo

Hickory Ridge 

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