Letter: Government should not dictate what you can and cannot drink

I agree with your editorial, "County campaign against sugary drinks goes too far." County Executive Ulman's executive order banning sugary drinks from being sold on county property may be well intentioned, but it is not a function of government to determine what you should and should not drink. What is the next step? Banning ice cream and cookies from county parks?

I wholeheartedly support providing information to Howard County families on the importance of a healthy diet and the consequences from drinking too much sugar-laden soft drinks/beverages. I also support ensuring that there are healthy alternatives for both children and adults; however, I cannot support taking away legal choices from our citizens.

Government has an important role to play in keeping our communities safe, providing an excellent education system, building an efficient transportation system, etc. Government has enough on its plate; it shouldn't be determining what is on yours.

Allan Kittleman

State Senate, District 9

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