CA board should create the Inner Arbor Trust now [Letter]

My wife and I are lifelong Columbians. Three months ago, our first child, Elijah, was born. I am writing in support of the Inner Arbor Plan not for myself, but because it will be an amazing place for our son to learn and grow.

For the first time, Columbians of all ages enthusiastically supported a Columbia Association project. The CA board listened, and voted 8-2 in favor of instituting an independent Inner Arbor Trust to design and implement the plan. Developing the Trust was insightful, as it should not be under the CA board's purview to micromanage the establishment of this focal point.

Unfortunately, certain members of the CA board could manipulate the system to scuttle the entire plan. This could be avoided if the CA board promptly appoints the members of the Inner Arbor Trust, and empowers these trustees with the responsibility of creating governing documents for the trust. To ensure the plan is not ruined from the inside, the trustees should enthusiastically support the plan.

I urge the CA board to appoint the Inner Arbor trustees immediately, so that Elijah, and all the other young people of Columbia, can start creating memories at the Inner Arbor.

Trevor Greene


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