Our community and our neighbors are frustrated that our voices were not heard and facts were ignored by the Redistricting Commission, County Council, and ultimately, Ken Ulman, the county executive.

The Wheatfield neighborhood has consistently worked with surrounding communities and local government to build a livable, viable community for current and future residents. Together with Montgomery Road Citizens for Responsible Growth, we helped bring senior housing to Route 103, worked with the VFW to obtain the land for Veterans Elementary School, and assisted to secure the funding and right of way for the elementary school.


Our community was represented at the Redistricting Commission meetings and public work sessions by 150 people on Nov. 7 and 75 people on Dec. 19 (two days before Chanukah and six days before Christmas). We also contacted and emailed our elected representatives by a 6:1 ratio over other communities.

None of us can recall any other time when after this level of community effort, people's voices and the facts they brought to the table were completely ignored by elected officials.

After such coordinated and collaborative efforts were dismissed, what hope does any other neighborhood or community in Howard County have that they will be acknowledged and taken into consideration by their elected officials?

We sincerely hoped things would have turned out differently. While we strive to create a county of civility, as with all good organizations, it has to start at the top. Unfortunately, that was not the case during this redistricting process.

Debbie Bures-Walker

Ellicott City

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