Rec sports: Trio wins beach volleyball tournament

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MAV First Rites of Summer

Three Howard County volleyball players — Jamie Carey (Howard), Elyse Smith (Mt. Hebron) and Lindsey Scepura (Mt. Hebron) — teamed up to win the MAV First Rites of Summer 18-U Junior Triples beach volleyball tournament at Rehoboth Beach, Del. on May 12.



Maryland Chill

After a slow start in the first pool play game and tying the PA Avalanche in the second pool play game, the Maryland Chill 14-U Purple bats got hot in elimination play last week.

The team posted extra-base hits by Hannah Goodman, Emma Durkin and Bethanne Venkatesan and a tight overall defense, including two double plays. The team plowed through three more games on Saturday, scoring 25 runs against their opponents while allowing only eight.

The infield and outfield played exceptional defense.

The girls almost played the clock around at the field, arriving at 7:45 a.m. and leaving just after 7 p.m. While they were admittedly tired at the end of the day, they were also excited to finish first in the Crab Claw Classic after a rough season start. It ended for a great Mother's Day surprise.

Flag football

Bulldog Flag Football

The results of Bulldog Flag Football Week 5 play were:

Raiders 12, Bud's Restaurant Bulldogs 6

R - Nate Green 70-yard kick return.

R - Nate Green 20-yard pass from Taywan Moore.

BB - Nate Sturm 15-yard pass from Justin Sottilare.

Interceptions: R - Malcolm Dowery 2. BB - Corey Davis.

Sacks: R - Karl Williams 3, Kennell Smith 2. BB – none.

Organized Chaos 20, Packers 12

OC - Santana Baskerville 25-yard pass from Jared Jorgenson (Santana Baskerville 2 pt. conversion).

OC - Santana Baskerville 60-yard pass from Jared Jorgenson.

OC - Marcus Thames 20-yard touchdown pass from Jared Jorgenson.

P - Will Brown 80-yard interception return.

P - Ricky Taye Fontaine 30-yard pass from Frenchy Fuqua.

Intereceptions: OC - Santana Baskerville 2. P - Will Brown.

Sacks: OC – none. P - Thor Jones, Teshon Hayes.

Packers 27, Organized Chaos 18

P - Anthony Smooth 7-yard pass from Mike Fitzgerald (Ricky Taye Fontaine +2 pass from Mike Fitzgerald).

P - Bernard Burns 85-yard pass from Mike Fitzgerald (Mike Fitzgerald +1 run).

P - Mike Fitzgerlad 5-yard run.

P - Willie Brown 75-yard pass from Mike Fitzgerald.

OC - Da'Quan Smith 15-yard touchdown reception from Jared Jorgenson.

OC - Da'Quan Smith 50-yard touchdown reception from Jared Jorgenson.

OC - Kenny Walston 20-yard touchdown reception from Jared Jorgenson.

Interceptions: P - Joseph Gordon, Bernard Burns. OC - Da'Quan Smith, Santana Baskerville.

Sacks: P - Mike Johnson 2, Tyrell Gordon. OC - Wayne Martin.

Packers 7, Raiders 0

P - Smooth 7-yard touchdown pass from Mike Fitzgerald (M. Fitzgerald +1 run).

Interceptions: P - Joseph Gordon 2. R - Nate Green.

Sacks: P - Mike Johnson 2. R - Karl Williams.

Organized Chaos 12, Bud's Restaurant Bulldogs 0

OC - Kenny Walston 35-yard punt return.

OC - Marcus Thames 35-yard touchdown reception from Jared Jorgenson

Interceptions: OC - Cory Haugh. BB - Corey Davis, Nate Sturm, Demetrius Harrison.