Rec sports: All Pro All Star Cheer's Team Dazzle wins third consecutive competition

The All Pro All Star Cheer and Dance teams have made impressive finishes at recent competitions. Team Dazzle (Senior Level 2 Cheerleading) has won three consecutive meets.
The All Pro All Star Cheer and Dance teams have made impressive finishes at recent competitions. Team Dazzle (Senior Level 2 Cheerleading) has won three consecutive meets. (Photo by Greg Pearson of Klutch Images)

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All Pro All Star Cheer

The All Pro All Star Cheer and Dance teams competed in the Cheer and Dance Extreme Maryland Madness competition Feb. 11. Team Dazzle (Senior Level 2 cheerleading category) won first place. It is Team Dazzle's third consecutive first-place finish.


Team Sparkle (Junior Level 1 cheerleading) won third place. Team Flash (Junior) took second place while Team Twinkle (Mini) won the Hip Hop competition.

Trinity Smith and Ariah Carey won the Youth Duet division. Samantha Pichini won the Junior Tumble division.

At the American Cheer and Dance Academy Maryland Cup Competition in January, Team Dazzle won first place in cheerleading and was named division champions and grand champions. Team Dazzle will receive a paid bid to compete at Final Destination Nationals.

Team Sparkle finished in second place in cheerleading.

In Hip Hop, Team Flash was third and Team Twinkle first and division champions in their respective categories.

All Pro All Star Cheer and Dance is located in Elkridge.


RRCA 10-Mile Challenge

The Falls Road Running Club was well prepared for the annual RRCA 10-Mile Club Challenge, which was held Feb. 26 in Columbia. In addition to obligatory speedwork twice a week, the Falls Road runners came from Baltimore to practice on the actual 10-Mile Challenge course. They even marked the course for distance and tactical advantages.

The nine other teams never stood a chance. Led by Conrad Laskowski (52:55) and Nathan Brigham (53:04) on the men's team and Christy Ramsey (1:01:36) and Megan DeGregorio (1:02:53) on the women's, Falls Road Running handily won the men's, women's, and combined team competitions, beating local favorite Howard County by over 100 points in the combined category.

The Howard County Striders salvaged some amount of pride by finishing second in the team categories and registering more members for the race (208) than any other club.

A total of 680 runners competed in the race which serves as the official Maryland 10-Mile Team Challenge event of the Road Runners Club of America. It was the largest field in the history of the event, which dates to the early 1980s. The race started and finished at Howard Community College.

Complete results can be found at http://www.striders.net.

Men's team scores (top 12 men score):1. Falls Road Running, 107; 2. Howard County Striders, 272; 3. Renaissance All Sports Athletic Club, 737; 4. Baltimore Road Runners Club, 868; 5. Montgomery County Road Runners, 1,051; 6. Annapolis Striders, 1,086; 7. DC Road Runners Club, 1,187; 8. Frederick Steeplechasers, 1802; 9. Westminster Road Runners, 2,243; 10. Prince George's County Road Runners, 3,124.

Women's team scores (top 6 women score): 1. Falls Road Running, 30; 2. Howard County Striders, 82; 3. Montgomery County Road Runners, 232; 4. Renaissance All Sports Athletic Club, 243; 4. Westminster Road Runners, 243; 6. Frederick Steeplechasers, 290; 8. Baltimore Road Runners Club, 338; 9. DC Road Runners Club, 378; 10. Prince George's County Road Runners, 513.

Combined teams (top 15 scorers): 1. Falls Road Running, 430; 2. Howard County Striders 788; 3. Renaissance All Sports Athletic Club, 1,498; 4. Montgomery County Road Runners Club, 1,848; 5. Baltimore Road Runners Club, 1,889; 6. Annapolis Striders, 2,093; 7. DC Road Runners Club, 2,204; 8. Frederick Steeplechasers, 2,623; 9. Westminster Road Runners, 3,007; 10. Prince George's County Road Runners, 4805.

Top 15 men: 1. Conrad Laskowski, FRR, 52:55.72; 2. Nathan Brigham, FRR, 53:04.37; 3. Carlos Renjifo, HCS, 53:20.79; 4. Dustin Meeker, FRR, 53:37.48; 5. Vince Collins, FRR, 55:09.03; 6. Jesse Jaeger, FRR, 55:17.82; 7. Tristam Thomas, FRR, 55:22.82; 8. Alex Battaglino, FRR, 55:47.31; 9. Ed Aramayo, FRR, 55:52.38; 10. Dean Kelly, DCRRC, 55:58.89.

11. Andrew Madison, HCS, 56:18.15; 12. Filagot Dinku, HCS, 56:59.42; 13. Andrew Parlette, HCS, 56:59.95; 14. Seth Tibbitts, FRR, 57:07.49; 15. Tom Williams, HCS, 57:22.57.

Top 15 women: 1. Christy Ramsey, FRR, 1:01:36.58; 2. Megan DiGregorio, FRR, 1:02:53.11; 3. Emily Hurley, FRR, 1:04:07.55; 4. Lindsay Warfield, WRRC, 1:04:35.92; 5. Sage Norton, FS, 1:04:36.55; 6. Denise Knickman, FRR, 1:05:24.71; 7. UnSong Ostrowski, HCS, 1:05:30.83; 8. Rebecca Parks, FRR, 1:05:47.78; 9. Jill Krebs, WRRC, 1:05:54.31; 10. Megan McNew, FRR, 1:06:40.26.

11. Caroline Bauer, HCS, 1:07:36.47; 12. Robyn Humphrey, HCS, 1:07:42.29; 13. Carly Page, FRR, 1:07:44.98; 14. Pat Wilkerson, HCS, 1:07:56.88; 15. Perla Rodriguez, HCS, 1:08:07.92.

Fat Tuesday two-miler

Adam Wytko ran 10 minutes, 32 seconds and held off Cameron Bowling and Karsten Brown at the Fat Tuesday Two-miler at Oakland Mills Feb. 21. Vicki Lang lead the way for the women in 13:15.

Results: 1. Adam Wytko, 10:32; 2. Cameron Bowling, 10:40; 3. Karsten Brown, 10:42; 4. Phil Lang, 11:32; 5. Corey Hamilton, 11:33; 6. Isaac Kirk-Davidoff, 12:02; 7. Shane McGovern, 12:45; 8. Matthew Bernstein, 12:45; 9. Ian Holderman, 12:47; 10. Kieran Saienni, 13:11.

11. Vicki Lang, 13:15; 12. Ryan Zovko, 13:35; 13. Anders Chattin, 13:39; 14. Chris Chattin, 13:39; 15. Alyssa Hemler, 13:46; 16. MacKenzie Snyder, 14:50; 17. Eric Johnston, 15:23; 18. Isabella Nelson, 16:07; 19. Noah Kim, 16:25; 20. Susan Kim, 16:27.

21. Connor Croft, 16:44; 22. Ivan Croft, 16:44; 23. Logan Kim, 17:09; 24. Mats Chattin, 17:09; 25. Pat Huffman, 17:14; 26. Carina Chattin, 17:15; 27. Brian Nelson, 17:17; 28. Taylor Nelson, 17:32; 29. Rosa Kirk-Davidoff, 17:35; 30. Patrick McGovern, 19:41.

31. Matthew Ganel-Constant, 19:44; 32. Raquelli Ganel, 19:45; 33. Mike Andrews, 21:29; 34. Christopher Maloy, 21:46; 35. Phil Heiliger, 21:47; 36. Tami Graf, 22:17; 37. Jennifer Nelson, 29:20.

Field hockey

Capitol Pegasus

Capitol Pegasus Z won the U-14 A Division of the fourth annual Maryland Indoor Field Hockey Club Championships in Rockville.

In pool play, CPEG Z defeated the Rising Sun Dragons, 5-0, tied the Howard Stampede, 2-2 and defeated Field Hockey Life, 7-0. In the championship game against the Atlantic Storm Chasers, CPEG Z won a tight contest, 1-0.

Tori Raulin, Lizi Jordan and Bailey Heneghan represent Howard County on CPEG Z. Raulin was the leading scorer with six goals. Jordan added two goals. Heneghan played a strong goalkeeper position and made several saves.