My favorite event of the year is coming up. I so enjoy the 4th of July parade and softball game sponsored by the Longfellow Friends of the Traditional Fourth. The parade, the 42nd of its kind, begins lining up at 9:30 a.m. at Longfellow Elementary School and then at about 10 a.m. starts winding its way down Hesperus onto Eliots Oak Road and back to the school.

The parade with its Grand Marshal and Best Neighbor cars in the lead is pure fun for kids and adults alike. Neighbors put together floats, kids ride patriotically decorated bicycles, the boy scouts and the swim teams march. The parade is supposed to start at 10 but usually runs a tad late.


Either as a spectator or as a marcher, please go and participate in the oldest local parade in the area.

At noon on July 4, it is time for the second part of the Traditional Fourth celebration — the annual softball battle between the Hesperus Drive Wrecks and the Eliots Oak Road Nuts. The game is played where it has always been played, behind the Safeway and Harper's Choice Middle School off Harper's Farm Road and Rivendell.

The requirements are simple. There are none, you just have to be able to say Hesperus or Eliots Oak to participate. You can even pick your team, the position you want to play and where you want to bat. That's it. The rest is pure fun.

We should also remember the late Bob Russell at this game. For as long as I recall, he was the heart and soul of the game. He made people want to take part, win or lose. Let's keep his spirit in our hearts for this Fourth celebration.

Bark for your park

The Worthington Dog Park will be celebrating its 10th anniversary and to help with that celebration there is a T-shirt design contest. The design scheme calls for a single-color shirt with one logo. The logo is to fit on the front left chest and the back design will announce the park's 10th anniversary. logo is to fit on the front left chest and the back design will announce the park's 10th anniversary.

Entries must be submitted by July 1. Designs will be numbered and ballots will be cast from July 2-8 for the best design. Ballots can be received online or at Worthington Park. There could be two winners — one for the logo in front and one for the back of the shirt. Pre-orders for the winners can be placed at the park. Payment is by check only.

Submit entries to capricorn.souls@gmail.com or drop them off at the park. The winners will receive a free T-shirt and next year's park tags at no cost.

Three HCC athletes honored

Three Howard Community College student-athletes have recently been recognized by the Maryland JUCO Conference and Region XX for their academic achievements.

Mary Rzegocki and Melissa Singer received the NJCAA Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence (4.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale). Mary is HCC's cross country and track female scholar and student-athlete of the year.

Melissa played on the women's basketball team.

John Hill received the NJCAA Award for Exemplary Academic Achievement (3.60 to 3.79 on a 4.00 scale). John played men's soccer for the Dragons.

Over 450 teams qualified for academic team accolades. Nearly 60,000 student-athletes competed in the NJCAA for the 2011-2012 academic year on more than 3,500 teams in 28 different sports.


We are proud of their achievements in the classroom and on the athletic field.