I guess we can classify the running of the Athleta Iron Girl Half Marathon on April 28 as one of those "It Ain't Over Until It's Over" races.

It appeared coming down the stretch of the 13.1-mile race that local favorite Suzy Serpico was leading and on the way to victory. Gambrill's Bridget Holt claimed that she saw Suzy ahead and didn't think she had enough left to overtake her.


And then it happened. Serpico appeared to be suffering a nausea attack of some kind and that's when the fast-closing Holt caught her over the final few yards to win by five seconds.

"I really didn't think I could catch her," stated Holt. "I passed her in the chute on the inside."

Holt's winning time was 1:21:23. Tyler Brannen of Nashua took the 5K race in 19:44, followed by Ellicott City's Cooper McIntyre. There were 400 runners that participated in the 5K race and 1,800 that ran in the Half Marathon.

Spano inspires

I learned a valuable lesson at the Athleta Woman's Iron Girl Half Marathon and 5K held in downtown Columbia. The lesson came from a lovely 16-year-old Marriotts Ridge sophomore by the name of Jacklyn Spano.

Jacklyn had never run a 5K race before and she decided to forgo her birthday party earlier this month to take on this new challenge. She gathered a group of her high school friends because she wanted to run for her grandmother, Amy Lagala, who is suffering from cancer.

Her grandmother gave her a necklace, which she proudly displayed to me following the race. It is something that she will probably wear the rest of her life. "I ran for her and others who suffer from cancer and intend to run next year," she said.

People, like Jacklyn, understand at an early age how important family is and how important it is to contribute to make this a healthier world.

McFadden on CNN

I hope that you saw Piers Morgan's interview with Tatyana McFadden on CNN April 26. After winning the Boston Marathon Wheelchair Division, Tatyana had been in her hotel room when the two bombs exploded at the finish line. She and her family watched the horror on television.

Morgan then asked Tatyana how she felt coming from Russia and the two bombers coming from a section of that country. While I thought the question was inappropriate, Tatyana simply stated that bad people can come from anywhere.

Following the Boston race, she left for London to compete in the marathon there. She won that also and claimed that the support she received from the locals was wonderful.

Tatyana and her sister Hannah are now returning to Boston to meet with those who were injured by the explosions.

Volunteers needed at HCC


Anytime you host a national sporting event, it is important that you do things right. In order for Howard Community College to do things right for the May 9-11 National Outdoor Track and Field Championships, the school is going to need volunteers and I mean lots of volunteers. There will be 26 teams, made up of approximately 400 athletes, descending upon Howard County and that's where we come in.

The school will have two orientations for volunteers at the school's athletic center on May 4 and 5 from 12-1 p.m. Experience is not required. If you want to help, go to http://www.howardcc.edu/athletics to register and then just come to one of the two orientations.