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Plastic foam now collected at Alpha Ridge Landfill

Howard County's Department of Public Works announced last week that they have started accepting Polystyrene foam at Alpha Ridge Landfill for recycling.

Some of the foam items that will be accepted at the landfill include drinking cups, egg cartons and food trays, all with the number 6 in the recycling symbol on the bottom. Items that contained food or drink should be washed out before disposal.

Packing peanuts, foam insulation materials, straws and lids, will not be accepted.

The plastic foam will be transported from Alpha Ridge to Dart Container Corp.'s plant in Leola, Pa., for recycling and reprocessing into goods like picture frames and building insulation.

The new recycling initiative will not cost the county any money, nor will it raise any revenue, according to Bureau of Environmental Services Chief Evelyn Tomlin.

Plastic foam items should not be combined with other curbside recycling. Instead, it should be taken directly to the landfill's Convenience Center, open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. Foam should be placed in clear bags, which are available at the landfill.

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