Baltimore Sun

Council moves to resolve Peralynna Inn zoning dispute

Half the battle of bringing the Columbia Inn at Peralynna in line with current zoning law is over, as the County Council Thursday passed a bill to create a special exception for guest houses.

The original proposal was to create a conditional use (special zoning exception) for boutique hotels, but council chairwoman Mary Kay Sigaty said a guest house is "more in keeping with the character of an R-12 (residential) neighborhood."


Owned by Cynthia and David Lynn, Peralynna has been operating off Route 108 in Columbia as a nonconforming use since late 2001, when a change to the county's zoning regulations eliminated the inn's boarding house special exception.

Sigaty worked with neighbors to attach provisions to the guest house conditional use that would prohibit outdoor social assemblies and limit hours for trash collection and deliveries — both among the longstanding complaints neighbors have had about Peralynna.


"It's a compromise so we can all move forward," said Carole Klawansky, whose home sits directly to the east of Peralynna.

The county hearing examiner must still grant the conditional use.

After the council vote, Cynthia Lynn said she hopes the conditional use will make everyone happy.

"We really appreciate the neighbors working with the county to get this done and look forward to having a good relationship with them," she said.