Tips on using a home generator

• Never run the generator inside, and do not use it outside near any windows, vents or other intakes that could allow carbon monoxide inside. Keep plenty of space for air to flow around the generator. Install a carbon monoxide alarm to detect the invisible, odorless gas.

Be sure to "ground" the generator properly. Keep it dry to prevent short circuits and fires; if necessary, place it under an open canopy.

Keep generator fuel in proper containers or tanks. Never store it inside and do not have the fuel near a running generator. Do not refuel the generator while it is running. Only use the proper fuel, and always have a fire extinguisher nearby.

Inspect cords regularly for damage, including fraying or cuts.

Do not plug the generator into a wall outlet.

Generators can get hot, even if they have not been running long. Keep debris away, and do not touch a generator unless you are wearing protective gear.

Source: Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety

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