It's not the end result that matters; it's the time you spent together

Feeling creative? Get your glue gun ready — it's National Craft Month.

Feeling creative? Get your glue gun ready — it's National Craft Month.

Crafts come in all shapes and sizes. You can crochet a hat or knit a quilt. You can paint a canvas or build a log cabin out of Popsicle sticks. You can create one of a kind jewelry or piece together a wooden sailing ship. Crafts can be whatever you want them to be.

They can be laid back and casual, intended only as a hobby, or they can be serious and focused and contribute to your income.

But no matter what you like — or don't like — there's bound to be some sort of craft out there for you. Even if you think you lack any creative genes, you can still find some artistic outlet through which to express yourself. That's the beauty of craftsmanship — it doesn't define you; you define it.

Perhaps the best part of taking time for crafts is that you can share it with the people you love. Spend some quality time with your family this month, not by staring at a TV screen, but by creating something special. You can spend time at home creating a family keepsake, or go to a pottery or art studio and make something there.

It's not what you create that really makes the difference; it's the time together you spent in the process.


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