Letter: Catonsville councilman should not be blamed for developer's illegal actions

A local developer recently pled guilty to a minor political campaign contribution infraction. The developer received a considerable fine and was given probation before judgment.

One of the recipients of the illegal contributions was Baltimore County 1st District Councilman Tom Quirk. Councilman Quirk was not aware of the contribution and, upon discovery, immediately returned the funds.

He also fully cooperated with state prosecutors and voluntarily turned over all of his records. Tom was completely exonerated of any wrong-doing.

However, on some of political blogs, certain individuals in our community insinuated that he was somehow involved in a grand conspiracy with the developer.

In today's political environment, scoundrels commonly use these tactics to gain political advantage. While the practice has become commonplace, it is underhanded and despicable.

I have known Tom Quirk for a long time now and can assure my fellow citizens of his integrity. In his short time on the Council, he has made many positive changes that affect our community, most of which go unnoticed and unreported.

In the next election cycle, voters should be reminded that lies about the conduct of politicians will not be tolerated.

Richard Hiteshew

Oak Forest

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