Perry Hall High School tops field in Physics Olympics

Teams from 20 Baltimore County public high schools recently took part in the Physics Olympics at Dulaney High School.

Teams from Perry Hall, Eastern Tech, Dulaney and Hereford claimed the top four places, with Western School of Technology and Environmental Science finishing fifth.

Teams competed in six events.

Catonsville High won the "Egg Drop" event, building the smallest and lightest device to protect a raw egg dropped from a specific height.

Dulaney won the "Rocket Launch" event, as the rocket the students built attained a vertical launch of 35 meters.

Eastern Tech won the "Heat Shield" event as the shield protecting a bolt that was attached with hot glue to a wooden dowel rod kept the bolt attached to the dowel rod for just over five minutes. The magnet high school also won the "Wits and Wager" quiz-show-like event.

Loch Raven won the "McFlyerator" event, calculating how far a device powered by a twisted rubber band would move, based on the number of twists of the rubber band and then determining how many twists were needed to move the device a specific distance. The winners moved their device to within 1.5 inches of the target.

Perry Hall won the "Clock Descent" event, sending a device built prior to the event down a 6-meter zip line in just over 40 seconds.

All the events were developed and coordinated by Baltimore County public school physics teachers.

Brian Barker (Loch Raven High), Greg Hrinda (Pikesville), Shawn Schuman (Owings Mills) Cristina Reitmeyer (Dulaney) and Gary Mercer (Western Tech) were the lead teachers who planned the events.

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