New sidewalks to be installed in Arbutus on Sulphur Spring Road

The announcement last week that new sidewalks will be installed along Sulphur Spring Road in Arbutus was greeted with approval by those at the Arbutus Library Monday morning.

The long-awaited sidewalks will be installed from the complex that contains the Arbutus Library, Arbutus Senior Center and Arbutus Recreation Center at the corner of Sulphur Spring and Selford roads about a quarter-mile to Shelbourne Road.

It is expected to make pedestrian access to those facilities easier, especially for residents and students at the nearby middle school. It is six-tenths of a mile from the complex to Arbutus Middle School at 5525 Shelbourne Road.

Gail Ross, the branch manager for the Arbutus Library, said on March 18 that she was thrilled to hear about the new addition.

"Ever since we opened, people have been asking about sidewalks," Ross said.

She said the stretch of Sulphur Spring Road that leads up to the facilities is a, "twisty, windy, country road" and that the addition of sidewalks will make walking to the complex much safer.

"Now people who live further down Sulphur Spring will have access safely," Ross said.

And, according to Ross, it will also allow middle-school children a safer route to the library and recreation center after school.

"I think, all around, it will make access easier," Ross said.

An Arbutus resident reading at the library Monday echoed Ross' sentiments.

The man, who did not want to be identified, said the road can be dangerous for pedestrians.

"I see people walking on it all the time," the resident said.

"It's terrible really, and the road is very curvy," he said.

He said not only will it make travel for the library, senior center and recreation center's regular patrons easier, but also bring in new patrons as well.

"I think it will make it safer for people and maybe make the library more attractive to people," he said.

The new sidewalks will extend 1,700 feet on Sulphur Spring Road and cost $300,000 to install, according to a release from Baltimore County.

"This is very big news for Arbutus," said 1st District Councilman Tom Quirk in an e-mail March 13. "The community has been wanting this for a long time."

The installation process is expected to take about six weeks to complete.

"I am delighted that we are able to move forward with this project in these challenging economic times," said Baltimore County Executive Kevin in the release last week.

"This new sidewalk will make it much easier for people to walk to the excellent county facilities that are so popular in the area. (County Council) Chairman Quirk spoke with me on numerous occasions about the importance of this particular project," he said.

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