There are nearly 1,200 homes in the Riverview and Ryerson Circle communities. We are permitted one Baltimore County sponsored clean-up annually.

The community association receives hundreds of calls with questions during the year, asking when the next one is scheduled and offering to help.


Yet when July 21 arrived, plenty of excuses were given.

This area is three quarters of a mile from Riverview Elementary School. Fifteen hundred fliers were hand delivered to every home in both communities, in addition to all the merchants, for distribution to their customers.

That's why a 10 percent turnout is totally unacceptable.

But we do extend special thanks to the same diehards and a couple of new friends, who made the day a success after all: Betty Cain, Harriet Pittman, Marty Bors, John and Dixie Yankalove, Divini St. Peter, Mike Schroen and Dennis Collins.

Also, Maryellen Light, Claudette Bennett, Gene Wagner, Karl McGovern, Telik Johnson, Riverview Elementary School and Helen Spamer from Baltimore County Bureau of Solid Waste Management.

Wal-Mart supplied cold drinks; JP's Deli gave ice and Mo's Softee offered an ice chest, ice, sodas, water and snacks.

If I missed thanking anyone, it was not intentional.

Ron Whitehead, president

Riverview and Ryerson Circle Community Association