Santa's schedule to visit Lansdowne community

Santa Claus will greet children of all ages with candy canes as he tours Lansdowne in a fire engine. The tours begin at 6 p.m. and come courtesy of the Lansdowne Volunteer Fire Department.


The neighborhoods Santa will tour are:

Wednesday, Dec: 21: Eskow Avenue, Carling and Ryerson circles, Baltimore and Randall avenues, Bero Road from Hollins Ferry Road to Burbank Court and Hollins Ferry Road from Bero Road to Kessler Road.

Thursday, Dec. 22: Stanley Road, Smith Avenue, Lansdowne Apartments, Oak Leaf and Green Fern ways, Nelway and American avenues, Victory Drive and the Bloomfield Community.

Friday, Dec. 23: Lakebrook Circle and Hillendale Avenue up to Fifth Avenue.

Saturday, Dec. 24: Fourth Avenue to Mine Bank Lane, including Mardo and Saratoga avenues.

Santa's schedule to visit Arbutus neighborhoods

Santa Claus will also be touring Arbutus neighborhoods with the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department. Tours begin between 5:30 and 6 p.m. and end before 9 p.m.

The neighborhoods on Santa's list to visit include:

Wednesday, Dec. 21: Poplar and Birch avenues, Shelbourne Road and Browns Terrace

Thursday, Dec. 22: South Beechfield Avenue, Maiden Choice Lane and Leeds Avenue

Friday, Dec. 23: Sulphur Spring and Oakland roads